Thursday, August 11, 2011

new album "GET LOST" coming soon//BODY WASH 2K11 MIX

heyy! Editions Mego has just announced that my new album "GET LOST" is slated for release in September. I am really psyched for this one to drop, been working on it for over a year now! you can pre-order it now at, or wait for actual release in september. for American heads, it will be available through forced exposure at a good domestic rate.

and in the meantime, wrap your ears around the new road chief end of summer mixtape BODY WASH 2K11, with all the hottest jams for all your sun-baked, half fried afternoons and early evening post-herbal essences shower scrunchie cool down sessions..

part one : sleeping alone :

part two : blisssssssssss :

stay tuned for much, much more!


  1. Hello, i'm a french man & my english is not good.

    I love your music = very good, cosmic trip !!!
    "Get Lost" is your Best LP !!!

    You are a Jimi Hendrix of the 2000's

    Thanks for all.........