Tuesday, February 22, 2011

moving to portland/happy dog gig

hello friends

next week im moving out west to portland, OR.

seizing the opportunity to hang out with all my friends and everyone who has helped support

our music over the past years, we are having a show this saturday at the happy dog in west cleveland. i'll be performing with akron band TROUBLE BOOKS, we are working on a record that will be out in the coming months on Bark and Hiss Records and will be playing some jams we've been messing around with. they will also be playing a set on their own, and so will i!

it will be a fun and mellow night, ill also have a bunch of records and mixtapes and whatnot, hope to see ya there!

gna miss ya,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest DJing on WCSB Cleveland tonight 1am EST

yeah gonna be hangin with ryan on the record exchange tonight on WCSB Cleveland 89.3 FM starting at 1am eastern standard time. Tune in or STREAM IT ONLINE!

will be spinnin some weird oldies, sick newbies, might bust some new solo & co. joints, and might tell a few bad jokes!

tune in and toon out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shows Column

hey not sure why i hadn't done this earlier but i added an "upcoming shows" column on the sidebar, so you dont have to search through posts to find gigs.

lots lots lots lots more news coming really soon!
bye now

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hey all,

had a great time at the kent gig last week, thanks to the dudes for settin it up and for everyone who came out! this friday gonna be heading down to columbus to jam skylab for the crew, rolling heavy here's the lineup::



MOTH COCK (kent, OH bessssst bannnnnd in the lannnnnd)

COMET BODIES (cle/cbus synth treasures)

also there will be a lazer & fog/slow dance zone

donations greatly appreciated. guessing this starts at 10?

hope to see you there!

ps - why the dream team pic you (probably arent) ask(ing)? details at 11! ;/