Thursday, June 18, 2009

new song download

hey everyone, been a minute since an update. just wanted to post this new track i recorded. it's the continuation of a song i recorded in 2006 from the cdr "mallards", the song is called Tugboat.
the download link is:

hope you enjoy it!
apologies to everyone waiting on orders, haven't sent anything out in over a week, and the weight is building on my shoulders. they're coming though, i promise.
Mark McGuire - "A Pocket Full of Rain" 2xCS (Pizza Night)
Skyramps - "Days ofThunder" cdr (Wagon)

still available:
Mark McGuire - "A Pocket Full Of Rain" cdr $10 ppd US $14 ppd World

still haven't gotten copies of the cdrs that shane just put out, the new sun watcher jams and the cdr version of "Open Chords" but will post when i do. stay cool