Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sam Goldberg // Mark McGuire // Telecult Powers mini-tour this weekend!!!

greetings all! dont know why i slacked so bad on posting this, BUUUUT....

goin out with sam and the telecults this weekend for some gigs! gonna rule so everyone come out and party!

here's the zones:

Thursday April 1st, Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY

w/ Human Teenager (prehistoric blackout + gary war)

Friday April 2nd, Wesleyan College, Middleton, CT

w/ Metacomet

Saturday April 3rd, Hampshire College, Northampton, MA

Sunday April 4th, Bard College, NY

yeah gonna be a super fun weekend im real stoked so everybody come out!

gonna have some essssscloooooosive copies of my new releases + a goldberg/mcguire

tour split! : O

see you there!!