Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guitar Meditations vol. II / Language Barrier US Edition out now!

hey everyone! i have recently finished the production of the US edition of "Language Barrier" as well as the brand new "Guitar Meditations Vol. II" double disc. very excited about these!

Mark McGuire - "Language Barrier" cdr - US Edition - recorded fall 2009 in antwerp, belgium, these are songs about being out of your element, a stranger in a new town, and trying to navigate a world you're still trying to figure out. nervous alienated guitar solos trying to break through and live in harmony. as the world gets bigger i get smaller and smaller.

color covers in black plastic cases. edition of 73 copies. available through distros only.

track list:

1. uneasy street (9:58)

2. mind games (10:26)

3. ice land air (2:10)

4. language barrier (15:17)

Mark McGuire - "Guitar Meditations vol. II" 2xcdr - recorded at the same time and in the same place as "language barrier", these songs reflect the other side of the experience of the individuals journey. each disc contains an hour of relaxed moments and stretched out thoughts. the cover is a postcard of a cathedral that was down the street from where we were living, that we would see almost everyday. there is true inspiration in the architecture, and a lot of energy gained by being in such a beautiful part of the world. this is me channeling that energy into my guitar, or at least trying to!

color covers in thick black plastic cases. edition of 200. available through distros only.

track list;

disc one:

1. beneath the bells (30:09)

2. wandering memory (29:55)

disc two:

1. escape (20:15)

2. postcard (8:24)

3. in the architecture (11:39)

4. far away (19:49)

distros cleaned me out this time, so i have no copies for sale! but they will be available immediatedly or very soon through:
Eclipse Records (sold out)

Mimaroglu Music Sales

Hanson Records

Tomentosa Records

the new guitar meditations will also be available in the UK through:

Volcanic Tongue

Second Layer Records

to those who have already emailed me about copies: i have you covered you will hear back from me asap. thanks!

but to everyone else please do not email me for copies of these i am totally out. they distros should have you set. lots of music in the works right now, expect new releases soon!

cavs game was intense last night!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fall Euro Tour Photos

hey, i figured i'd post some pictures of some of the cool places we got to visit during our time in europe this fall, even though i missed all the best things and didn't get all of the cities we went to. derp. it was an amazing trip, thanks to everyone who helped get us over there and for everyone that put us up or chilled with us. much love to the antwerp crew, best party crew in the world!

stockholm, sweden sept. 09
copenhagen, denmark sept. 09

(jam attic) antwerp, belgium sept. 09

(jim morrison) paris, france nov. 09

(frederic chopin) paris, france nov. 09

(fried banana desert) angers, france nov. 09

angers, france nov. 09

(chicken chips) france nov. 09

capbreton, france nov. 09

(radio spot) coimbra, portugal nov. 09

coimbra, portugal nov. 09

coimbra, portugal nov. 09

(pre party) coimbra, portugal nov. 09

spain nov. 09

spain nov. 09

madrid, spain nov. 09

spain nov. 09

barcelona, spain nov. 09

(park guell) barcelona, spain nov. 09

lyon, france nov. 09

(top drinks of the world) lyon, france nov. 09

berlin, germany nov. 09

(hauschildt, warwick, mcguire) berlin, germany nov. 09

berlin, germany nov. 09

(lil panini) antwerp, belgium nov. 09

(villa delphia) antwerp, belgium dec. 09

antwerp, belgium dec. 09

lausanne, switzerland dec. 09

thanks to everyone in all these places for such a killer time!

great times were also had in:
oslo, norway
liege, belgium
brussels, belgium
san sebastian, spain
lisbon, portugal
porto, portugal
milan, italy
frankfurt, germany
so thanks to everyone who we chilled with there too!
guitar meditations vol. 2 coming super super soon! peace!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Return to Earth / Acoustic LPs available

photo: capbreton, france november 2009

hey everyone! been a crazy past few months. living in belgium, touring europe with steve and stellar om source, and samson & gert go to the far west for shows in LA in december. was a total blast, and has made me very stoked for the upcoming year.

my apologies to anyone who emailed me recently that i havent replied to. i am doing my best to plunge backwards through the past few months and reply to everyone,but its tough so send me another email! my head is here again.

to everyone who asked about the availability of the "language barrier" and "must not have meant that much" cdrs, i will be doing another run of each of them for US crews that werent able to get the euro versions. these will be ready soon, i will post them both as soon as they're done.

also i am currently putting together the second volume of "Guitar Meditations", which is a 2 hour double cdr recorded in antwerp this past fall. very stoked about this release and will be posting it in the next few weeks.

also also i have available copies of my Solo Acoustic Vol Two LP on Vin Du Select Qualitite

label description:

Mark McGuire- VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 - Melodic ballads and new pieces from Emeralds guitarist spark new inovations and memories thought to be lost.

they're on really nice letter-pressed sleeves, edition of 500. i have about 50 left.

$17 ppd US/$20 ppd World

visit for more information on the solo acoustic series.

ok more soon! peace!!!