Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Return to Earth / Acoustic LPs available

photo: capbreton, france november 2009

hey everyone! been a crazy past few months. living in belgium, touring europe with steve and stellar om source, and samson & gert go to the far west for shows in LA in december. was a total blast, and has made me very stoked for the upcoming year.

my apologies to anyone who emailed me recently that i havent replied to. i am doing my best to plunge backwards through the past few months and reply to everyone,but its tough so send me another email! my head is here again.

to everyone who asked about the availability of the "language barrier" and "must not have meant that much" cdrs, i will be doing another run of each of them for US crews that werent able to get the euro versions. these will be ready soon, i will post them both as soon as they're done.

also i am currently putting together the second volume of "Guitar Meditations", which is a 2 hour double cdr recorded in antwerp this past fall. very stoked about this release and will be posting it in the next few weeks.

also also i have available copies of my Solo Acoustic Vol Two LP on Vin Du Select Qualitite

label description:

Mark McGuire- VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 - Melodic ballads and new pieces from Emeralds guitarist spark new inovations and memories thought to be lost.

they're on really nice letter-pressed sleeves, edition of 500. i have about 50 left.

$17 ppd US/$20 ppd World

visit for more information on the solo acoustic series.

ok more soon! peace!!!

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