Sunday, August 30, 2009

leaving soon/ new cdr & cassette SOLD OUT

hey! thanks to everyone who ordered the new jamz, they are now sold out! they will be available soon through: Volcanic Tongue, Eclipse, Tomentosa, Amethyst Sunset, and Hanson. Will have a few remaining copies at the upcoming Emeralds eurogigs. Here are the show dates:

September 16th:
Emeralds, Noveller, Regression

Brennerivn. 9c, Grünerløkka
0182 Oslo

September 18th:
Emeralds @ No Fun Fest

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
118 25 Stockholm

September 21st:
Emeralds, Noveller, Regression

Lygten Station, Lygten 2
Copenhagen NV, Copenhagen

September 23rd:
James Ferraro
Steve Hauschildt
Family Battle Snake
Mark McGuire
Dolphins Into the Future
Stellar Om Source
Dreamer’s Cloth
Daniel Lopatin

Loosduinseweg 9
2571 AA Den Haag

Me and steve are probably doing a show in Antwerp around the 25th of September, more details on that soon.

We will be leaving September 15th, until mid December. I will not be doing any mailorder while we’re gone, but I will still be getting our new music to distros, and have some new things slated for release.

Mark McGuire - “Losing Sleep” - cdr - new recordings from this summer, pulled from jams that went down in the middle of the nights that I couldn’t fall asleep. With the exclusion of the last track, all of “losing sleep” is the result,or maybe the cause of just that, and was recorded between 3am and 6am. The early morning light is leaking through the window and the mind stirs and stirs. Xeroxed art with full color photo covers. Edition of only 60 copies.

Mental Prism - “Farm Sessions vol. 1” - c30 - this one is a long time coming. Recorded in late august of 2007, this is the first release of what was at the time known only as “The Family Band”, a collaboration between Emeralds and Shane and Kathy of Lambsbread. For a couple months, we were making frequent weekend trips down to their farm in Delaware, frying and jamming and eating tons of panCAKES. A brief moment in time, end of summer zone outs, a caveman stomp with a boogie twist. Full color photo covers.
Edition of 90 copies

I will have my solo acoustic lps very soon, but I probably wont have any available to sell myself before we leave. They will be available through distros though. Very psyched!! Vin Du Select Qualitite's solo acoustic series is gonna rule!

Check out the WAGON blog, John has some new outer space cdrs and a killer new jam from HEADBOGGLE, all must-grisps!


  1. Just wanted to say you've got probably two of thebest albums this year with "Pocket" and "Days Of Thunder" and it's a pity that the CDrs are gone by now...Really Skyramps just blew my mind, I see colours when I hear that thing! The poor bastards [like me!] who didn't got'em on time have to soulseek'em instead :P.

    Atleast you're getting plenty of airplay here:, my way to make up fer ye!

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