Thursday, February 23, 2012

OZ shows re-post re-grip

thanks to everyone who came out to the Judith Writght Center in Brisbane and made the show a truly great time! I will see all of you again soon..

got a couple more things this weekend before the walk of shame back to the PAC NW::

Saturday Feb 25th - SYDNEY - w/ BLANK REALM, Camperdown & Out, Stitched Vision and DJs Angela Bermuda & Lucy Cliche @ FBI Social

Sunday Feb 26th - MELBOURNE - w/ Angel Eyes, Rites Wild + DJ ROAD CHIEF permanent midnight prevue sesh! @ Gasometer

Monday Feb 27th - MELBOURNE - in-store performance at Polyester City Records - 5:30pm

Monday Feb 27th - MELBOURNE - DJ ROAD CHIEF DIVER DOWN UNDER PERMANENT MIDNIGHT PARTY - @ Worker's Club - the night time is the right time

make sure to come out for the end of a quite magical trip. and thanks again to everyone i've met along the way. it's be da da deep