Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NZ/OZ: best tour award 2k12

so i am back up over from being down under, man what an amazing trip! i want to thank EVERYBODY i met and chilled with for helping me have the best time ever. so thanks go out to but are not exclusive to: zoe & the audio foundation, chris, richard, oscar & crew RACKETS handball, tim, char, matt r, torben x10, rosy, rowan, kimberly and melinda, nicci, aRAW dogs cam tony and al E GUYZ 2012, the guy who wrote "80s disco sucks" on a napkin and gave it to me while i was dj'ing, stephan PUMICE, CRAW DADDY crowley big party daddy, jo c, kiran, thomas & co., emma smith and radio new zealand, svenda, FORCES alex and thomas, mer, dan deac & crew, blink daddy robinson, absolute boyz, tomas and carmen HUMANOS, the prince rama mamas & julien, do the right thing cabin, gross cat; brian, vice, sebastian etcccc, venus, DUNEDIN peter and peter, mark mcguire ( i seriously met a dude named mark mcguire ), hector and CHICKS hotel, dead c mike, tillakaratne, peter & jo christchurch, god destroyer (weed destroyer), lawrence english the king of queensland, BLANK REALM love dan sarah brother luke and dubbsack, the leatherest grandma, josh, joel, matt k, matt earl grip, the gold coast, sally, sarah, that pool we broke into, kath, kate, byron bay, the IMA of brisbane, the stingray in nambucca heads for not stinging me, adam lewis, mat schulz, camperdown & out, stitched vision, lucy and the "escape from kings cross" casualties, simran, simon & crew, polyester city records melbourne, RITES WILD stacy, ANGEL EYES andrew, dennis again, the workers club road chief midnighters, christel queen of the dad rock, and all the other aussies and kiwis that made this the sickest trip ever. will be back, next time with THE TUBE, so be prepared!!
thank you so much!
peace and love,