Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sam Goldberg // Mark McGuire // Telecult Powers mini-tour this weekend!!!

greetings all! dont know why i slacked so bad on posting this, BUUUUT....

goin out with sam and the telecults this weekend for some gigs! gonna rule so everyone come out and party!

here's the zones:

Thursday April 1st, Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY

w/ Human Teenager (prehistoric blackout + gary war)

Friday April 2nd, Wesleyan College, Middleton, CT

w/ Metacomet

Saturday April 3rd, Hampshire College, Northampton, MA

Sunday April 4th, Bard College, NY

yeah gonna be a super fun weekend im real stoked so everybody come out!

gonna have some essssscloooooosive copies of my new releases + a goldberg/mcguire

tour split! : O

see you there!!


  1. For the concert on Sunday, April 4.
    What time? and do you have the exact location.

  2. And For Friday night, at Wesleyan. I'm in New Haven and want to come out but have spotty knowledge on the wheres and hows of wesleyan. Time and place on campus? I haven't found anything on their website about it yet..

  3. dudes,
    got the info off of sams pizza blog.thats the only info ive seen, so i really dont know! : 0
    hmm....will try to figure more details!!

  4. Mark, I think I emailed you but I don't think I got a response. I am doing a festival in Maryland this summer (Aug 7) with tons of noise, ambient, drone, other experimental artists. Skin Graft from your hometown is coming down to play. Would you or Emeralds be interested? Here is the flyer. I will be adding to it and changing it as time goes on. I will be able to pay you whatever I can but I must pay the venue first. No profit for me. http://www.ifitmoveskissit.net/rainbowbridge/rainbow%20bridge%20fest.jpg

  5. Vundebarr... I'll try contacting the grogshop and add you to the email in case answered!

  6. 43 home ave, middletown ct.. any idea on the commencement ceremonies?

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