Thursday, April 8, 2010

tour: RULED! // new releases coming super soon!

hey crewers. had such an amazing weekend tour with sam and telecults , infinite thanks to everyone who helped set up the shows, played, threw down on pizza, packed one, and to all the heads for coming to the shows and partying with us! had so much fun! western mass crew does not mess around!! heres some vids from the hampshire show:::

radio people (sam goldberg)


telecult powers

its like you were there! and no cover charge!

still havent gotten my new releases out to distros, have been waiting on my new EP "between family", we've had some troubles with the cassettes. i wont be selling copies through the blog, but all the new titles will be in distros soon, and i will post so you all know when to grip!

Emeralds Spain gigs next week and other news on the wagon page, and so much more news to unfold in the next couple weeks. gonna be a crazy spring!!!!



  1. excited for new releases. they'll help me get started on my second novel.

    also: you should do an east coast tour sometime, sir.

  2. yeah! this strat sounds great for your music!!