Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spain / release delays

the mysterious white chee

leaving for spain tomorrow, going to be a blast so everyone come to the fests! dates are on the wagon page. we'll be back around the 25th and hopefully then i'll be able to drop all the new jams. still waiting on the tapes for my new "between family" ep, and as soon as i get those its on!

here's what will be droppin'::

"Between Family" c30 - recorded december 09 and jan 10, the first jam i recorded when i got home and then some of the first jams with my new guitar. heavy parts and super clean chords. been tryin to get this one out for a minute!

1. Over the Water (3:54)

2. Through Icy Windows (9:13)

3. Between Family (14:36)

"Things Fall Apart" cdr - recorded live at home january 2010. dark bummer guitar, lonely winter music.

1. Things Fall Apart (21:46)

2. Inside Where It's Warm (13:29)

"Vacation Days" cdr - slightly optimistic springtime guitar-synth music recorded march 2010. weird new guitar sounds!

1. While It Lasted (12:03)

2. Vacation (7:11)

3. Home Again (11:07)

4. Now That It's Over (9:27)

these will only be available through distros, so no need to email me for copies, thanks! i wanted to get them to all distros at the same time, so i will post when they are all sent, should be around april 26th.
oh yeah and i have a new tape on durable stimuli check www.durablestimuli.com to get a copy.
and look out for the new AMAZING BIRTHS cassette on cylindrical habitat modules dropping soon

ok see you soon bye!


  1. five releases!? are you pooping me!! fantastic news. looking forward to everything.

  2. Thanks for the Barcelona show!
    That's a copyleft video of your show:
    -> http://www.vimeo.com/11165995


  3. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................