Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer of Grub and other news

hey everyone, hope your summers are going great!
been super busy and havent posted anything in a while, the emeralds tour in may was amazing, thanks to everyone who we encountered on that trip, especially hector for the warning!
also "hobo with a synthesizer" night at the hollywood theater in portland was a huge success, was really psyched to be a part of that. footage maybe coming soon? that would be cool...
also in the last couple months the "Trouble Books & Mark McGuire" and The Amazing Births - "Younger Moon" LPs both dropped, which im super psyched about so make sure to get your ears on copies naaaow!
been working hard finishing up my new solo record which will be out on Editions Mego later this year..more info on that soon..very stoked.
and yes, it is confirmed that the third annual VOICE OF THE VALLEY festival will take place in beautiful Pentress, West Virginia on August 26-28 2011. lineup to be announced soon, but will no doubt be an awesome time. much more info on that developing soon, will keep you in the loop!
been snagging tons of sick records lately too, so new road chief mixes are brewin up, will pop off in no time.
stay cool! and keep it hot!

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