Thursday, August 18, 2011

new sound could page//Another Dead End EP streamies

hey dergs i just got one of those sound cloud pages to post some of my unreleased and weird tracks. started it off with my unreleased "another dead end" EP which contains the first incantation of the song "another dead end" off of my new record, "Get Lost", at that time known as "the body in question", as well as five other unreleased tracks mainly using guitar with no delay effects or loops, save the guitar-synth drifter "absolutely". calm mornings receiving terrible news, saying goodbye to dear friends, and other summer colors dedicated to the late great G Unit: Grady and Geordie.
hope you enjoy!

stream "Another Dead End"


  1. yes! thanks for posting this. love it.

  2. Mark, is this going to be available for sale or downloadable at some point?

  3. Oh but for the small agony that results from the posting of beautiful things that we cannot hold and spin on our own turntables. Whilst we listen we can dream of fewer obstacles to obtaining these gems. Might we sully ourselves with inferior mp3s available for purchase as internet downloads? Perhaps it is a betrayal to desire such rarities in such a sub-existence? Damnable truths with heartbreaking frequency. Thanks.