Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'NIGHTSHADE' cassette now available for digital download

hey there-
the cassette i made for my tour in japan this year is now available via bandcamp


"NIGHTSHADE" was originally released in May of 2012 on cassette, for a short tour in Japan. Although there were 50 or 60 copies made, only about 30 or 40 of them ever got assembled and out, so it's fair to say it won't be popping-up in stores anytime soon. Originally inspired by a deep, nocturnal journey that took place in New Zealand earlier this year, these tracks were made as a devotion to the spiritual elements of the infinite space of the night sky. Electric & acoustic guitars, and vocals run through guitar-synthesizer and other electronics, calling back to the voices in the sky. A small, dark stage in the open air, a light drawing constellation trails on the hills, underneath the infinite sky of the southern hemisphere. Recorded Spring 2012 in a big, empty house in Portland.

much more to come soon, so stay tuned!! 

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