Saturday, November 3, 2012

New digital-EP "Surrogate Channels" available for download

hello all,
since things have gotten so busy in the past couple years, i've unfortunately been unable to keep up with all the cassette, and smaller-run releases that i had been doing.. While I had never really been into using internet-based venues for getting my music out in the past, it recently dawned on me that releasing some of the more "unofficial" jams digitally wouldn't be the worst thing ever to happen, so I will be starting to put out some things via a bandcamp page, the first being a new EP called "SURROGATE CHANNELS", recorded spring and summer of 2012 at home, in Portland.

more to come soon, including the digital version of "Nightshade", the cassette I made for my tour in Japan this year.. lots of music coming soon..
peace and love,


  1. Yes! This is awesome news, Mark. So glad you've decided to try this route, I hope it works. Purchasing in 3...2...

  2. great release, Mark. Nightshade is also awesome

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