Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Summer 2k12 brief news brief

Hey everybody, been a busy start to the summer but wanted to say hey. all of june was spent at tangerine sound studios in akron, ohio recording the new emeralds album, which should see release some time this fall..check some studio shots!
caribou visits the studio
we're really stoked on the new jams, first new emeralds recordings in over two years, so it was really fun. so stay tuned for that! oh and i am now the proud father of the little mama shown here, Ms Mabel Collins Simmons ... RE SPECT!
and finally, i uploaded some tracks from my new cassette "Nightshade" to my Soundcloud page. The cassette was an edition of 50 for my tour in Japan this past May. The songs "Luminous, Black Sky" and "Crux (the southern cross)" can be found here: lots more exciting stuff coming up, including new ROAD CHIEF SUMMER MIXES, and the unprovoked return of HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! keep the summer blazin peace and love


  1. LOVE the new tunes keep them coming...any word when you will release the amazing 45 min jam you played at LPR...seriously up there with one of the best pieces you have created.

  2. Hey Mark, much love from the East Coast, wanted to alert you to some sweet pics I found of your time in Japan-- http://yacca.jugem.jp/?cid=16&PHPSESSID=02049f8be9621b4f47cdc19aca0a0e8e plus some pics of promo materials of Get Lost in record stores. Totally sweet.