Monday, May 14, 2012

McGuire JAPAN tour almost over! no time for post-posties!!

kon'nichiwa my friends! i am typing briefly from my hotel in Kyoto before heading back out to check out some more of this beautiful city, but finally got an adapter to plug my computer in so wanted to post up something for this tour that basically ALREADY HAPPENED! : O thanks to Root & Branch Tokyo, i was lucky enough to be invited to Japan for my first time ever, and played shows in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto... if you are in Japan and reading this and have missed the shows, i am very sorry to be posting this so late. between leaving NYC april 30th, playing Seattle's Debacle festival May 4th and then leaving to come here May 7th, i had little to no time to update this here blog. ANYWAYS it has been an incredible trip thus far, Japan is obviously a beautiful country with an incredibly rich culture, and i am ecstatic to be able to have come here. i will be playing one more show, this SUNDAY MAY 20th at the venue SOUP in TOKYO. i will be playing a solo set and then will transition into a DJ ROAD CHIEF party set, which should be a blast! it will be my last night in the country, so please come out and get down! more soon, keep it real and SPREAD THE LOVE! HEIWA!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in this beautiful country. I bet many people would start considering having a vacation here.

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