Thursday, January 20, 2011

upcoming gigs/parties

everybody bundle up and come out to these shows if you're in the area. next thusday night i'll be spinning intense jams from 10 til 2:30 at the Bside liquor lounge in cleveland heights, pretty sure there's no cover so come party down!
then february 5th at the stone tavern in kent i will be performing along with cleveland duo COMET BODIES which will rule no doubt. and mystery man to me local kent music scholar ADAM DAVIS comes reccommended by way of fairchild tapes and MOTH COCK, one of the sickest bands in ohio, so my guess is he's going to rip. i will also be lugging some of my busted ass record collection down there for some choice road chieferies, so bring your party hat.
is sure to be a blast! better see you there.
more news on upcoming releases and more soon!


  1. Dear Mark,

    i'm writing from Poland. I'd like to ask for Your help in resolving the biggest music mystery in history of my country (at least for some people). And that is the opening theme for "Sonda", a science TV program for polish TV from 70s and 80s. The author of it remains unknown. Official version says, that it is a collage of Stockhausen and Quincy Jones music, but that's obviously not true.

    Some of my friends are trying to find that theme since 1980! Perhaps You could help, or one of Your friends?
    Would really appreciate that.

    Here's what it sounds like:

    It might be some USA library music, it might be european. We are quite sure that the music was - let's say, borrowed - from foreign artist without his/hers permission by the "Sonda's" authors.

    Thank You in advance,

    Pablo Renato

  2. "more news on upcoming releases" -- magic words! looking forward.